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Urine Testing

Urine testing is currently permissible in the State of Ohio. Most states do not permit urine testing in DUI cases due to the inherent unreliability of it. There are many issues the attorneys at Cocirteu, Hufford & Sleibi LLC review when representing a client charged with DUI or a DUI-related felony if a urinalysis was performed:

Did the client void their bladder prior to testing?

Did the officer express the results correctly?

Has the lab kept all prior urine tests for the past 3 years?

What method was used to test our client's urines?

Did the lab tech perform a confirming test?

Was the client's urine sample collected correctly?

Was the urine sample properly witnessed and authenticated?

Was the client's urine sample properly sealed and transported?

Was the lab tech properly licenses by Ohio?

Was the lab equipment calibrated and checked for calibration prior to and after the client's urinalysis?

Has the lab tech been properly supervised and proficiency-tested?

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